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Thread: Iguidance v4.0

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    Could anyone help me get started with my gps? I have the receiver and dont know where to go from here? I would appreciate any help I can get. Thanks.


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    I got sick of Inav and dealing with their stupid clone protection after my HD crashed and I could not reactivate and they refused to help. I insisted on a refund and since I purchased my software directly from them. They did issue the refund.

    Now, I wait for the new Garmin UMPC software. Hopefully it will be so good, as most garmin products are, it will put Inav out of business.


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    I Feel bad for the users who get screwed by a policy setup to prevent piracy, I for one refused to be screwed on my purchase, which is why I have removed the activation from mine and run it on my test box and carPC.
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    I personally can not wait for the Garmin UMPC Software to become available, if it is anything like the software they use on thier devices it's gonna rock!

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    They had their own little niche they enjoyed; now let's see how they handle competition!

    (Is there such thing as a MAN scorned! LOL)

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    There are "ways" to remove the activation. Pay for the software, but even with Vista and XP which I own full retail copies of, I refuse to activate them. My iGuidance v4 has never phoned home, and with some research yours wont have to either.

    And just to clarify, PAY FOR THE SOFTWARE. I dont want any pirate-wannabe's to get the wrong idea, as they are why there is activation to begin with.
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    I found a work around hint hint all is well. BTW they sent me an email an they found it within there hearts to allow me to install it ONE more time but that is it! Great I replied to the support moron idiot dumb arce except... I STILL DOES NOT WORK! It still gives me the error -84. I found a googled work around and I am back up and running. It's amazing to me how they treat their licensed customers like if we are making multiple copies for our friends. What idiots! Anyway all this happended because I needed to make a trip. I ended up using SprintNAV which is included with my AirCard from Sprint. No turn by turn but at least it gave me real time location with google maps. Screw iNav... I will never buy anything from them again.

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    Red face Question About Igudiance

    Hello folks,

    It's me Phili the Newbie, that all kind of went together! Ok anyway here is my two question for anyone who can answer them.

    1. In Iguidance if i want to search a destination then nav to it. here is my example, my wife and I were out this morning and she wanted Starbucks, so we both sat there trying to find a place in IG to search the word starbucks. As luck had it, I couldn't see anywhere how to do this. Did I miss something?

    2. Gas Price screen, many thanks go out to Anthony who helped me out last night trying to find out why i couldn't use map it. But my question further more is, is it possiable to have the GPS tell me were the neariest gas stations are in the area that i am in currentlly. What I mean is, as far as I know, I have to put in a zip code to get a list gas stations, but if we are driving somewhere out to town or state and I don't know what the zip code is, how am i to find the neariest gas station? Is there a way to correct this feature?

    Thank you and again thanks to all of you who have helpped me out over the past few weeks.


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    does anyone have any updates on reimaging a computer and IG4 workarounds? I'm having random reboots that call for a reimage, but worried about crashing my perfectly working IG4 on reinstall

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    Hi Guys Been Reading Your Post About Customer Service And I Too Was In That Same Boat... Just Recently I Moved My License From One Pc To Another And It Stopped Working. I Called Them And They Gave Me Too The Run Around However, They Eventually Gave Me A Second Chance. My Problem With Them Is If They Have A Server For This, Why Cant They Deactivate Our License On Their End. Well I Found Out Late That Their Server Is Made For Storing License Info From Customers.... What Blasphomy....

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