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Thread: Who's running the new iGuidance 2009?

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    Who's running the new iGuidance 2009?

    I seen it's available now...but haven't seen anything posted yet. Anyone running it yet?

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    does it do the registration stuff like before? Would like to know before i buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WuNgUn View Post
    I seen it's available now...but haven't seen anything posted yet. Anyone running it yet?
    Where do you see it for sale? I just got this email message from inavcorp Saturday, August 2nd.

    Unfortunately, shipping date for iGuidance 2009 has been delayed to 8/8/2008 at the earliest but most likely to the week after that. And given the 1.3GB map data, we will only ship it on dvd disk by mail.
    If you don't already own a copy of iGuidance, one option is to purchase v4, which is our current version. However, this version was released back in 2007 and includes only Navteq Q3 2006 map. And since we have sold out of v4 "full version" disk (includes both PC and pocket PC version programs), we are shipping orders w/ v4 "trial disk" instead. W/ this purchase, you will then be eligible for either iGuidance 2009 Laptop & UMPC/Car PC edition or iGuidance 2009 Pocket PC edition when they become available, provided you have registered your v4 online via and submitted your exchange order on or before the offer expiration date.

    Thank you and we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Customer Service
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    I saw it here...
    But I just checked again, and the "buy" buttons are disabled...

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    I am running it. Having issues after installation... it tells me to put the imap data on the root of C:, and once that is done, the program will not start. It seems to only run when it pulls data from the DVD.

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    You may be talking about an older version of the product.

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