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Thread: help Iguidance 4 wierd crash

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    help Iguidance 4 wierd crash

    Iguidance crashes at start (GPS start up not windows) and I am not sure why. It was working perfectly earlier this week but now it when i click gps button (RR, digital fx 4 skin) all i get is the stupid windows warning asking for error reporting (basically crashes).

    I believe this stems from the resolution change. I changed my display resolution to the minimum and I thats when it started happening. so Why haven't I tried to change the resolution well because its 1:30 in the morning and i am not going outside to do that....

    If anyone has encountered this problem who could steer me in the right direction let me know either way ill post what happens tomorrow

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    I am encountering similar problems now using RR/Iguidance/DFX4. It freezes when I go into Iguidance.

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    Explanation follows fix...

    WARNING: Editing the registry can be dangerous, use caution!

    Run "regedit".
    Browse to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\iNav\iGuidance
    Delete the item named "MainWndPos"

    You might also want to check HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE


    It appears that you are running iGuidance in native mode and RR probably crashed the last time that iGuidance ran correctly. iGuidance is trying to restore the window position to where it was the last time it ran. But that's kind of difficult for it to do, since it was embedded in another window. When RR normally closes, it releases iGuidance from it's embedded location and restores a few things to allow it to save it's last window position correctly. But since RR crashed it didn't get to restore it correctly. Deleting this registry key allows iGuidance to restore it's window position to it's default location. The registry key will be added back automatically. This same issue will also lead situations where iGuidance does not crash, but just doesn't show up at all. You run it, and nothing happens, but you can see it in Task Manager. Deleting the registry key will fix both situations.

    Good luck!

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