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Thread: Beware of iGuidance 4 License transfer problems

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    Beware of iGuidance 4 License transfer problems

    I should preface this by stating that the problem I am having is only likely to happen if you experiment with different PC hardware on a frequent basis which requires installing and uninstalling software with node locked licenses. I have gone through 4 different iterations of PC hardware on my way to a preferred solution for my car PC. If you are simply buying iGuidance to install it once and forget it, this is not a problem.

    I am legal owner of my copy of iGuidance. I initially installed on a desktop PC to play with RR setups. I activated using the Internet. I installed the software onto a laptop when I was ready to try my RR setup out in a car. I used a USB stick to transfer the license as directed by the on-screen intstructions in iGuidance License Manager. This worked perfectly.

    I have cloned the laptop hard drive because I need more space for music and video. (Upgraded from 200 GB to 320 GB) The iGuidance License Manager will not properly initialize my USB stick to transfer the license again. I contacted iNav and they told me the software does not support USB license transfer. They completely ignored the fact that I had already used USB transfer.

    They directed me to return the license to their server using the Internet option in iGuidance License Manager. When I try this, the software returns an error that says the necessary license file is missing. Tech support has been strangely silent on this problem. I am stuck with software I legally own that I can't transfer to a new hard drive. If this can't be resolved, I will definitely be switching to Garmin Mobile PC.

    I am beginning to agree with previous posts that indicate this company's customer support sucks. I will update this if the situation changes. Right now, I would strongly recommend purchasing Garmin Mobile PC as an alternative. It costs less and probably has more recent map data and POIs. The tech support from Garmin has been OK on other Garmin products I have owned.

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    Can you put the old drive back in and deactivate then install the new/larger drive back in and then activate?
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    I've never used the software, but from what you have described you will need to put the old drive back in to revoke the old license. Your new drive doesn't have the original license on it, and that explains why it can't find it.

    It all sounds pretty annoying to me. The software looks nice from what I've seen, but if you have to dance through hoops just to use it, I may have to look at other options.
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    > It costs less and probably has more recent map data

    GMPC costs slightly less, but you can only activate once, and GMPC doesn't even have a way for users to deactivate online

    You are using old version of iG. The current version of iG 2009 has newer map data than GMPC.

    I'd suggest the same as the above two people have suggested. Start your PC using the old hard drive, and then deactivate the software online. That's the proper way of doing it.

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    I tried deactivating the original hard drive without success

    I installed the old drive and attempted to deactivate the software. This does not work. I get a message indicating that the required license file is missing. Clearly, the iGuidance License Manager software has some issues. I am the legal owner and followed their written instructions to activate the software on this hard drive. Yet the License Manager can't find the file?

    When I contacted iNav about this problem, they did not even respond. The first time I contacted iNav, they told me that USB transfer of license was not supported even though it worked for me in the past.

    I just want to make sure other prospective customers are aware of these issues with the iGuidance License Manager and with the lack of tech support for legitimate customers.

    If iNav resolves the problem, I will update this thread with the resolution but I doubt they will. They responded quickly to my first request for help regarding USB transfer of the license and have blown me off for the past two days on the second issue described above.

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    iNav update

    In an email response to my customer support request, iNav has scolded me for not reading their printed activation guide. It says that Internet license transfer is their recommended option. It does not say that it is the only option - just that it is recommended.

    The printed guide also does not say that you should not use the USB license transfer method because there are bugs in the process that could cause it to fail as it has with me. Why did they ship software with a troublesome USB license transfer capability that is documented in their on-line help files as a viable option for license transfer? I did not read their printed directions. I did read the online help file and this had clear directions for using a USB stick to transfer the license from one PC to another.

    The bottom line appears to be that this is my fault for using a feature of their software that had known problems that they never warned their customer base about. Now, after the fact, it is my fault for following the software help file directions instead of reading a printed guide the still did not specifically tell me not to use the USB option. At the very least, they should have released a patch that disabled the USB license transfer method.

    I should add that I am an electrical engineer with over 30 years experience with hardware and software. I have experience both as a consumer and producer of software. This is clearly not a company that places a priority on customer support. I believe a software company is entitled to protect its intellectual property but the iNav solution is flawed and after 4 days of email correspondence, they show no willingness to work with a customer that can document their legal purchase of the software.

    As stated before, I will update this if anything changes but right now, the iNav response seems to be that this is my fault.

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    i had the same prob with Iguidance and sad to say that they also gave me that bs.... what really kills me is if they have an option listed on their application to transfer license using usb why not notify people that it does not work properly instead of telling them whats recommended or what not. Also why have a server thats stores license but has no way of deactivated a license from the server side... it makes no logical sense... all i can say is stay away from iguidance.

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    I bought iguidance 2009 a few weeks back, in the process of installing my carpc, i managed to blew up the motherboard couple times, unfortunately the hard drived also failed a long with the motherboard, and now I can't re-activiate my copy, I emailed support and haven't got a reply for weeks, sad thing is I haven't even had a chance to test the thing in my car...

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    The final answer I got from iNav is that each software license ships with two possible activations. After you use those two up for any reason, you have to buy the software again. That is their idea of protecting the customer from mistakes like the USB license transfer bug and possible hard drive failure. This also is bogus. In a car PC environment, the risk of hard drive failure is much higher.

    This is the first software vendor I have dealt with that would not work with a customer to issue a new license if the customer could actually prove they purchased the product. They will not get my business again.

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    I purchased iGuidance 4 about 8 months ago when I really started getting into the computer build. I read most all of the warnings though and just hoped for the best, I don't think the Garmin solution was out and iGuidance 3 and previous had really good reviews.

    Due to all the stuff I have read about iGuidance 4 I honestly have not wanted to install it from these issues. Normally for any piece of software I was planning on using on the carpc I would test and fool around with on the desktop first except for iGuidance due to the horrible activation stories I have heard. Currently it has been installed in my truck however I am trying to find a crack for it. I know this site doesn't condone the talk of them but I have seen a few respected members of this community talk about an activation crack and honestly if I can't crack it I may never install it cause I don't want to get put into a situation like this and that so many others have gotten into.

    When I buy a piece of software I plan on using it as many times as I want and on whatever form of computer I have. Hardware is usually always changing for me or at the least reformats are a fairly regular occurance for me just to clean things up. This is one of the reasons why I have run Win 2k Pro on my desktop for the longest time is just cause it plain works and I don't need to be connected to the internet or call a phone number to get my computer running.

    Best of luck in getting this resolved, guess iNav won't have to worry about piracy cause no one will wanna use their product anyways if 2009 doesn't fix these sort of issues.
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