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Thread: iGuidance 4.0 won’t save home shortcut

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    iGuidance 4.0 won’t save home shortcut

    I have a weird issue that doesn’t look like anyone has ever hit before. Searches turn up nothing.
    My iGuidance works fine in all ways except it won’t save the home location. It goes in fine, ask for the OK to save and so on. Then I try and use the button go-to-home and it says [you have not setup a home location, would you like to do so now]. I do that but it still doesn’t save. Anyone have any idea? The whole product is installed on my hard drive, no SD card involved.
    Win XP home.

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    Eric, does iGuidance save other items, such as recent destinations, etc? If it doesn't, then a re-install of the program may correct the issue.


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    I'd first suspect something like MINLOGON.
    If iGuidance tries to save the home location data into the user profile, it will cause problems if anything goes into the user profile, as MINLOGON bypasses that to allow you to log on as a system account or somesuch.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I fixed it. I found an old thread that told me what I need to know. Install and then I had to copy two directories from the CD to my hard drive and then all was well. Maps and scansoft were the dirs I had to copy over.

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