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Thread: The Mobile Manifesto

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    Bugbyte, this is where you need to examine various message patterns to handle large messages and streaming and communication patterns. For different applications we may need duplex collaboration where messages can be initiated from both directions. Other applications may follow a request/response. For applications that are not to tightly coupled you can pull the trigger and forget, i.e. send the message and forget.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    Help me out here, a little as I'm not a developer. IPC is inter-process communication, right? So, if you had two processes like an audio playback daemon and an OBDII daemon, the OBDII daemon could tell the audio daemon to turn the volume up a little bit when the car goes over a certain speed?

    And, IF you had a continuous network connection you could access, say, a GPS daemon and poll the car's location every now and then from anywhere in the world. That would include giving a program (such as a service running on a server) the ability to do the same?
    Exactly Right now, I think carpal implements an IPC design along with nGhost2. I think others should also because it's a very scalable design IMHO, but that is up to them...
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    CarPal currently does implement an IPC message system. It would be extremely easy to write a plugin (as carpal is very plugin based) to add a tcp/ip frontend for the IPC allowing network commands from say, an iPhone to your car.

    I'm working on this even now, to provide more seamless integration between my carpc and home network, eg allowing my homepc to send things like "rescan media" or "mute volume" commands to the carpc.

    As for the GPS idea, there is an idea in the works for something like this, a sort of "where are my friends" sort of dealio.
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