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Thread: I need a new phone, which carrier/phone intergrates the easiest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tidder View Post
    You're joking right?

    Need to <insert>and have no working turn by turn navigation...</insert>
    Turn by turn navigation works out of the box. Just not as good address searching *yet* as iGuidance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kev000 View Post
    You buy the n900 unlocked, it works on TMobile or AT&T. You *own* the phone, which means you can change carriers at your option without a contract buyout (at least in theory). Did I mention you don't have to jailbreak or unlock it?

    As an added bonus, the n900 will integrate well with LinuxICE (as soon as I get mine). But you may only appreciate that if you like things that run fast and that are easy to setup and maintain :P.
    while it will work on ATT, you will not be able to take advantage of the 3G connection. Who wants to tether on EDGE speeds nowadays??

    and i'm not sure if ATT will let you sign up a data plan without a contract.

    his best option would be a Tilt2, Pure and *gasp* an Iphone

    the upcoming HD2 will be useless on ATT 3G, since it'll be Tmobile exclusive.
    and even the unlocked version is missing the 850 UMTS.

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