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  1. 2011 Ford 'Digital' Fiesta Overview - SEMA 2010

    by , 11-05-2010 at 12:00 PM

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    Stephen Jenesen from mp3Car talks with Theresa from L&G. They have modified a 2011 Ford Fiesta to create what they call the "digial fiesta". It is an incorporation of a glossy red, circuit board-esque paint job along with some special hardware.

    This hardware happens to be an iPad, built right into the dash. In order to make room for this they have moved the HVAC up onto the ceiling.

    The goal of this car is bring the social media aspect of life into the vehicle.

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  2. Hardware Review: Mini Touch 700 7" Touchscreen Monitor

    by , 11-04-2010 at 09:31 AM

    What is it?

    The Mini Touch 700 is a first generation 7-inch touchscreen TFT VGA display.

    The Verdict:

    The Mini Touch 700 should definitely be considered when searching for a new 7" VGA display. This new screen packs in most all of the features found on Xenarc and Lilliput units, and goes a step above by ensuring that 800x480 native resolution is available without hassle.

    What's in the box?

    The Mini Touch 700 is boxed with everything you will find included with a Lilliput and more. Included is the 7" Touchscreen, VESA mount, home and car power supplies, cables for USB, VGA, and composite audio/video. Also included are the touchscreen driver cd (uses the same drivers as lillput/xenarcs do), stylus pen, and a nice headrest shroud that the monitor fits right into.


    It is always nice when new items are produced that fit directly into the car PC realm, and the Mini Touch 700 is just that. The Mini Touch was designed specifically for use in a car. The creators made sure to include most all of the latest bells and whistles available on competing touchscreen units. The Mini Touch 700 has automatic power-on and automatic backup camera switching (it actually has two different options for auto-switching). It's missing the automatic brightness control via an ambient light sensor that the Xenarc 700TSV has, but there are plenty of software options which overcome this omission.

    Being that the Mini Touch is designed for car PC use, the designers put an emphasis on creating a clear and crisp display, and the Mini Touch shines here. The display uses a true 450 Nit LCD with LED backlight, and the Mini Touch 700 is definitely brighter than competing units.

    With a 500:1 contrast ratio, the screen is as beautiful as you will find in the car PC arena. The designers went above just having a clear display though. Another nod to the effort put into the screen being car PC friendly is the fact that it uses a video chip which allows a true native 800x480 resolution. If your video card drivers support 800x480, the Mini Touch will display in 800x480, no guesswork, no custom driver hacks needed.

    Now with most first-generation devices there are usually problems or bugs that present themselves over the course of time. In my extended testing, which covered roughly 6 months, I had no problems at all with the Mini Touch 700. There was no flickering, no image ghosting, and the unit seemed to have no problem with differences in temperature. My only real gripe with the Mini Touch 700 is the lack of DVI/HDMI. With VGA slowly phasing its way out of the market and more and more touchscreen devices including HDMI, I feel like a new product should factor those options in. Then again, if they included HDMI output in the first-generation, what's to look forward to in the second generation?

    The Positive:

    • Brightness and crisp display, about the best you'll find with analog video
    • Includes most all the features found in competing devices• Included headrest shroud makes it a breeze to fabricate into a dashboard
    • True 800x480 compatibility
    • New product from a new company. Car PCs arent all tablets yet!

    The Negative:

    • No HDMI input option
    • Potentially limited replacement part capability should the need exist.

    The Verdict:

    The Mini Touch 700 should definitely be considered when searching for a new 7" VGA display. This new screen pacts in most all of the features found on Xenarc and Lilliput units, and goes a step above by ensuring that 800x480 native resolution is available without hassle.

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  3. Ford Fiesta - iPad in dash - SEMA 2010

    by , 11-03-2010 at 09:41 AM

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    On-Air Personality: Sean Clark Videographer: Mike Palotas

    Sean Clark, from mp3Car, takes a look at the 2011 Ford Fiesta at the Ford booth at SEMA 2010 before the show starts. We find an iPad embedded in the dash, relocated HVAC controls, and relocated USB, AUX, and DC output jacks.

    This Fiesta also sports custom paint, tires, and some beautiful fabrication work, housing 12 inch subs and dual amplifiers.

    Mp3Car caught up with the car designer later to talk about some of the motivation behind the project and everything that went into the car. Stay tuned for more.

    Updated 10-09-2011 at 07:03 PM by Jensen2000

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  4. Directus - Convert After Market Radio to CarPC Box - SEMA 2010

    by , 11-02-2010 at 12:26 AM

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    Sean Clark from mp3Car gets a preview of the Directus telematics box. This box will overtake your after-market OR OEM radio's nav port and give it a new UI that will extend your basic Nav's functionality.

    By using this box you actually get to read your SD card, browse the file system, play all kinds of files, see your backup camera, use radar, USB and tons of other accessories that your normal radio would not know how to work with.

    We will have a series of videos tomorrow about Directus and their the products as we are shooting video at SEMA 2010 today.

    Updated 11-18-2010 at 12:51 PM by optikalefx

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  5. AFKFest 2010 BugByte - The past, present and future of car computing

    by , 10-29-2010 at 02:03 PM

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    Tom Berry, AKA BugByte on the forums, talks to AFKFest about the past, present and future of car computing. As one of the first car pc enthusiasts in the world, Tom explains the early uses for car pcs and how car pcs have evolved over time.

    He presents his thoughts on the current mobile data phase and the impact the car pc may have on the world in the future. Lots of good stuff in one brief segment.

    Updated 10-29-2010 at 02:54 PM by optikalefx

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