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Thread: Infill T3

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    Infill T3

    I'm looking to purchase the T3 hardware only, can't afford the G4.
    However I don't see many install pics?

    Can someone please post some links to install pics, I'd like to see how it looks indash.

    I also don't see a dedicated forum for the T3, why is this, are there not many out there?

    I have a Subaru Legacy B4, I have 3DIN spaces available, I'm sure the T3 will fit however what I'd like to have is some sort of double DIN door that hides the T3, now this could be something I pull off before using or slides down? Are they any products I could use to do this? I would rather not fabricate one.


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    Sorry please delete this, have posted in the streetdeck forum.

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