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Thread: screen blinks

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    screen blinks

    When endeder the lights of the car, the screen blinks and loses something of brightness. As I can solve this? The truth is that he is annoying when I lead at night.

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    Are you trying to say that when you turn on your headlights, your screen blinks and dims? If so, your wiring is unsufficient. Run a better cable.
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    Hmm I think he is trying to say that when the headlights are turned on the display dims, and he doesn't like it?

    This is normal behavior when you have both the ILL wires hooked up to your car Harness. Not sure if there is a setting to stop it, or you could just disconnect the ILL wire from the TOP unit, if you leave the ILL wire from the bottom unit connected your button backlights will still work when turning on the car headlights

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    Dimmer lead incompatibility

    Your dimmer lead is not compatible with the infill. I had the same problem...connect to a lead that doesnt have varying voltage. I have two dimmer leads in mine, one is straight 12v the other is adjustable based on the dimmer knob. Use the one that is straight 12v...if you dont have a lead like that you can tap into your headlight switch/knob.

    Another option...which someone else has posted you can put a relay on the dimmer lead so that the lights on the infill will either be on or off, but not inbetween voltages.

    The other option you have is to have the lights come on all the time and hook your dimmer leads up to the accessory power. This will also dim the display though.

    Remember you can also hold the mode button to dim the display.
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