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Thread: InfillStation Version 1.7 for Infill T3

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    Wink InfillStation Version 1.7 for Infill T3


    I've now sold my Infill T3 but will be building my own custom unit soon.

    Following a previous thread, quite a few people have asked me for a download of InfillStation version 1.7

    It looks like Maxan have sold off Infill and I doubt the T3 will get much more support.

    To make it easier for everyone who wants it, I've uploaded to my RapidShare account.

    Big credit to 'irdrive' for kindly supplying the original file.

    I hope this is not in breach of the forum rules!


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    Hi David...

    Thanks for posting Infill Station for T3!!! Awesome! You mentioned having extra Ribbon cables... I need to replace my ribbon cables on my T3... this seems like an inevitable fix for the T3. What are the specs... or could you spare the extras you have? I'd appreciate it. You wouldn't happen to be in Los Angeles would you??


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