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Thread: Liliput 10" touchscreen usb problem

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    Liliput 10" touchscreen usb problem

    Hello everyone,

    I have purchased a 10" lilput touchscreen and are having troubles getting win xp sp2 to recognise the usb.

    I have updated the software of touchkit to version 4.37 from

    The software show there being 1 monitor but no touchscreens. when plug the usb in and out it makes no difference to the pc as if it is not there.

    i have had it running on my laptop, and now tried it on my carpc with no luck, tried it again on laptop and nothing. There are no controllers installed.

    Any tricks that i am missing?


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    Keep Device manager open, If you don't see ANY change, then remove any devices that you think are related to it ( BE VERY CAREFUL), restart and then do the same thing. IF still nothing, then you have to get it swapped.

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