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Thread: IR remote control extender

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    IR remote control extender

    My head unit has a remote and is normally hidden. I would like to be able to repeat the signal so that I can change the settings without opening the flap.

    I'm assuming that I need an ir receiver pointing at the sensor, but from there, i'm completely stuck!


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    I dont fully understand what you mean?


    I do have a few IR extenders (new unused) and a few "Jeteyes" that work great with Girder, HIP or Lirc (winLirc). If they might help??

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    You could solder another IR eye in parallel with the first one, to be sure that this works it would be best to get an identical IR eye.

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    not happy hacking my head unit apart

    okay, let me try to explain what I am talking about, I'm sure I have seen it before, possibly on a screen install.

    The head unit has a remote control, whenever I leave the car it is hidden with a flap. I want to put another eye in a blank switch between the head unit and my screen.

    There has to be a way to mount a transmitter by the eye of the head unit, and a receiver in the dashboard. The theory is to point the remote at the receiver in the dashboard, which will send the signal through the infrared transmitter next to the eye on the head unit. I really don't need it bad enough to start ripping my head unit to pieces as my soldering skills aren't good enough and I'm a wuss.

    Could an existing repeater be hacked apart and used, the transmitter by the head unit obviously needs to be quite small. Infrared transmitters and receivers are easy to get but the circuit required could be a bit of a pig!!

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