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Thread: malfunctioning touchkit touchscreen

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    malfunctioning touchkit touchscreen

    I have begun moulding my 8" screen into the dash.

    everything was working fine, until i wired it into the car.

    On the test bench I just used a psu, but in the car I have the 12v line (m2atx) powering the screen and a regulator on this 12v line providing 5v for a slot load dvd drive.

    In the car - at first everything worked.
    Then the touch screen lost the y-axis - The cursor responded to touch but was stuck at the top of the screen.
    Then it stopped responding to touch at all.

    I pulled the bezel out to find the regulator scalding hot, so i disconnected it and cut it out (the dvd drive was not my greatest concern).

    Now - my question is this: What has failed?

    The USB touch controller board is recognised by the touchkit drivers. But touches are not picked up at all.

    Has my controller board failed?
    If so - why? The regulator ran on the 12v line, and is electrically isolated from the touch controller, save for the possibility of a short. (they were in close proximity).

    Or has the 4wire resistive overlay failed for some reason?

    My flat mate has the same screen so I will try to pilfer his touch controller.

    Its a real pain since my moulding is a first attempt, using flexible epoxy bumper repair stuff, and my touchscreen is not disassemble-able so it is moulded in permanently.

    Anyone know of a source for replacement controllers?

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    smashed it apart (cheap glued together crap) and in the process found that the touch panel had seperated from its connector

    unfortunately a ribbon cable was torn in the process and a 5th of the screen was lost.

    one 8" screen successfully junked.

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    can't you fabricate it as a 7''

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