I use Ibuscomm in combination with the original Bordmonitor of my BMW E46. To get more options in configuring the input i want to use Girder between my Frontend and Ibuscomm. But Girder is not able to get any events from Ibuscomm. When I press a button on my BM, for example "Button 1" Ibuscomm sends the Keystroke "1". But Girder in combination with the Girder Keyboard plugin does only get the code 01000000. When I press "Button 2" the keystroke "2" is sent but grider also gets the same code 01000000 and so on. Receiving normal keystrokes sent by the keyboard are no problem for girder. Code 01000000 normally is received by girder when I press ESC. How curious. Why does Ibuscomm only send the Code for ESC to girder regardless of wich keystroke is being sent.