I've seen some similar threads here but I haven't really found a great way to do this...yet.

I had assumed there would be an easy way to connect an Ir blaster/receiver to my pc which would allow my pc to learn and send remote codes so I could a)avoid being screwed when I lose the credit card remote that came with the stereo/dvd player and b)integrate some little usb button pad somewhere in the console that would be within reach that I could use instead of the remote and c)not have to use that stupid credit card remote on which every single button is identical unless you have the lights on and you're looking at it.

Long story short, after much searching and reading, this doesn't look so easy at all.

The other thing that just occurred to me is maybe I could tap into the removable face of the stereo and hardwire a control pad to it and skip the whole ir remote business.

I've seen a million learning remotes but none anywhere near the small size of the one that I'm using now.

I don't have any steering wheel controls or I could use those with one of those converters.

I just want a way to play and fast forward, rewind, and skip, etc. without having to turn on the lights and find the buttons every time.

Is there anything doable I could use to get this done?