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Thread: Terratec Cinergy Piranha USB DVB-T TV And DAB Radio Tuner

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caso85 View Post
    this: TerraTec Cinergy Piranha (DTT, DAB, T-DMB, DVB-T)

    is radio + tv?

    is compatible in CF 1.47?
    Yes, its about the only device i found, able to receive DVB-T and DAB- Radio. Since most people are unhappy with their AM/FM USB- Sticks, might be the way to go. Did read that it is quite CPU intensive, might run smoothly only with 2Ghz CPU's. Would like to know if the experts here have integrated the dingy already to any Skin.


    Researching to beef up my loved M6 with a CarPC

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    mmm not sure if its cpu hungry or not, i'm runing an athlon dual core with 2gb of ram and not noticed anything. can't help on the skin front though. But this little usb stick is really good! reception is perfect even when going at 120kph

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    I was looking for a DAB tuner for my rr carpc and through serching found this tuner. Seems the best about at moment so I have bought one to try out from for 42.99 free delivery.

    Does any one have any more information for integrating it into rodrunner?

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