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Thread: Trying to map keys, having problems

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    Trying to map keys, having problems

    Hi, I'm trying to map the push of my powermate to the play button on RR. I messed around with girder for a few hours, with the RR.GML. I get to the play string, and I hit F5 to test it, and RR plays/pauses. But no matter what key I map it to, nothing happens. I messed around in KeyTBL.ini but I can't get that to work either. I tried searching on here and google. I'm using RR with the CFX skin, and WinXP. Thanks.

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    have you tried using the software that comes with your powermate to do this? thats what i did. i dont have my carpc hooked up right now so i cant tell you my settings but i know it can be done.
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