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Thread: Problem w/ Touchscreen or USB Controller?

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    Problem w/ Touchscreen or USB Controller?

    I have a Lilliput 7" touchscreen (9-pin connector not sure of the model but the PCB has "W9486SB" printed in the top left corner). It was working but now the touchscreen doesn't work. I used the drivers from and it kind of works sometimes. When I touch the screen it will beep. But no matter where I press on the touchscreen to do the 9 point calibration it always comes out looking like the attached image. If I do the draw test, whenever I touch anywhere on the right side of the screen it will draw a line to the far left. But it does seem to register vertically, just not horizontally. Is this an issue with the drivers, touchscreen panel or touchscreen controller? And I have tryied this on other computers with the same results. It was working up until about 2 or 3 months and has been off (wasn't using the carpc) since then.

    No other devices were plugged into USB ports.

    I want to know if buying a new touchscreen from MP3CAR.COM will help or if I'm barking up the wrong tree. Plus, I have no clue where to buy a new controller if thats the problem so I don't want to waste money on a touchscreen if I am going to have the same problems.

    By the way, the touchscreen always comes up in the device manager but it hardly ever works (even the beeps when just touching it).

    Windows XP Pro
    EPIA-M & P4 2.8 on an Intel 845 chipset.

    Not sure if you need any other info.

    Any help would be great.

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    I had the same issue. try the drivers from lilliput website. The link is below. These are the only drivers that worked for me, hopefully this should solve your problem.

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    Shame you cant download them anymore

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    try the drivers from the Cartft website

    they work.

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    This is most certainly not driver related. I have this problem on my LinITX 8" and I did this [media][/media] and it really helped...for an hour or so, then the problem got back. I'm looking for a more permanent solution to this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Leegsi View Post
    Shame you cant download them anymore

    You can download all of the drivers lsited from the liliput page by going to the internet archive
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