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Thread: Video to VGA adapter

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    Video to VGA adapter

    anyone can tell me if that Video to VGA adapter , working for connect the reverse camera with lilliput monitor

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    Its hard to know for sure, but the way its worked is from video to vga. So, from rca, to vga wouldnt solve your problem, if your problem is that you camera you are using has a vga output. In reality, you only gave us about 1/3 of the information we actually need to answer you question. Give us some more details.
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    my problem is what i want put the reverse camera in lilliput 629 , but that monitor no have auto switch , vga to video and video to vga , i see that adapter box , and maybe i can used for that

    when i put the reverse car , the camera is power on , and see in monitor automatic , and when put the car in drive , the camera is power off , and see in the monitor the pc screen , you think that i can used that adapter box for fix my problem

    i see other adapter box , is the same

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    Problem with this is you still have to push a button to select the input to display.
    Very close to what we need, but it would require some sort of hardware hack to make it work.

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