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Thread: Toyota Steering Wheel Control Question

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    Toyota Steering Wheel Control Question

    Dear all,

    I have got a Toyota Yaris hatchback that comes with standard CD player, but no steering wheel audio controls.

    Now I got given an OEM steering wheel controlled Bluetooth Handsfree for the new Yaris, but I know that it requires the steering wheel audio buttons to function properly.

    Does anyone know the schematic of the Toyota steering wheel audio control buttons? And where they connects to?

    There are 5 buttons, Mode/vol+/vol-/Up/Down. I am hoping to build a small panel with 5 push buttons and mount it somewhere on the dash (or hidden) and hook it up just like the standard steering wheel controls.

    I have found the wiring connection:

    There is a 20 pin plug contains 3 wires that comes from the steering wheel control buttons:

    Pin 6: GND (Ground from Steering wheel audio controls) - Neither Input nor Output - Connected

    Pin 7: SW1 (Seek+/-, Vol+/- Inputs from Steering wheel audio controls) - Input - Connected

    Pin 8: SW2 (Mode input from Steering wheel audio controls) - Input - Connected

    Now the question is... can someone with the steering wheel control buttons on their car be so kind to measure the resistance of each button when they are pressed (and when they are not pressed, in case there is a particular resistance in the steady state)?

    And if you know that the 5 control commands is not as simple as "difference in resistance", could you please tell me how to make this work?

    Thanks in advance! And if I am successful in building a 5 button panel to simulate the buttons on the steering wheel controls, I will write up a very detailed DIY instructions!!!

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    This is the diagram I have in mind (pure guess), the values of the resistors is what I am after.

    Please could someone help me out on this? Many Thanks!

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    how are you planed divide key between car music and carPC?
    simply interface can be attached to Joystik port, MIDI
    bad RU$$ian auto moDDer

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    Quote Originally Posted by 205GTi View Post
    This is the diagram I have in mind (pure guess), the values of the resistors is what I am after.
    I found this updated shcematic with resistor values:
    So I guees you figured out the correct resistor values?

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    Did someone manage to find out how this steering controll works ?

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    so what i am getting is that vol up is 660 vol dwn is 2k chan up is 330 and chan dwn is 1k am i right

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