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Thread: ipod as touchpad

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    ipod as touchpad

    if u already have an ipod or iphone, this is a great app that turns ur ipod into a touchpad for the pc, u can also use the ipod keyboard to send keys in realtime to the pc. Works very fast and id have to say is better than my real touchpad on my laptop.

    if ur ipod is already jailbroken u can find the app in
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    01101101 01101111 01101011 01100101

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    just an FYI this is for an "iphone" or and "ipod touch" not a normal ipod. good luck yall.
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    looks cool but u have to connected up to a network too be able to use it.

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    Unfortunately Touchpad only works on jailbroken iPhones on firm ware 1.1.4 or less

    Lucky there are two other options that work with the current 2.1 firmware Snatch (for Mac only!) or Air Mouse (works on Mac and PC) both are available via the app store or can be errrm... acquired if your iPhone is jailbroken. Note both apps work via network connection Lan or WiFi.

    I'm currently using Air Mouse which can be used as both wireless touchpad and keyboard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rgarjr View Post
    looks cool but u have to connected up to a network too be able to use it.
    Not necessarily. I currently have the new 2.1 update on my ipod touch and you can connect via adhoc network so u dont need a network. I'm using a combination of both the Air Mouse and the Mocha VNC lite.

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    I have one called Air Mouse something on my iPod Touch and it works great. I don't use it in the car because it is only mac/win friendly so i only use it on my laptop to mess with people or present Powerpoint

    And it isn't jailbroken and it connects perfectly on ad hoc


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