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Thread: How to Find drivers for No-name Touch screen

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    How to Find drivers for No-name Touch screen

    I bought a 7inch touch screen off ebay like 3 years ago. There is no branding on the screen (There is something on the top left corner that reads "7 inch touch screen" ) but thats it.

    I lost the driver CD.

    I replaced my carputer (old one is not operational)

    I have no way to find a website for the touch scren to get drivers for it.

    The screen still works great. Im feeling kinda screwed.

    Are there any "generic" touch drives that will work?

    Anyone have ANY ideas ?

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    my screen in nameless to, and i understand that the company that make this screen sell it to liliput, but thay also sell some without the lilput logo on their own, cheeper.
    so if you heve a liliput lookalike you my wat to try lookin there.
    if not upload a picture, mybe someone heve the same/lookalike and will give you the desires drivers...

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