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Thread: IR Remote Question

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    IR Remote Question

    I purchased the following IR Remote that also acts as a mouse.

    The remote came with no drivers, just plugged in the USB IR Eye and added batteries to the remote and all was working in Windows XP.

    The issue is it has a numeric keyboard on it, however pressing the numbers does not actually type in that number, instead I just hear a "dink" noise from the computers speakers.

    Does anyone how if its possible to remap buttons on this remote? I would like to use it with my Slingbox, so I just press the channel numbers on the remote and it changes the channels on the Slingbox software.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Scott sorry it is not possible to reprogram the buttons on our remote.

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    you can use autohotkey to change keypress actions. I used it to map the keys on a similar remote so i could control my Tivo over sling.

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    any feedback on this remote?

    thinking about getting one
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