I just had a bad encounter with the touch screen on my lilliput EBY701 Digitizer... Cracked it, cracked it pretty good. LCD is not broken, just the touch layer which seems to be very easily replaceable.

Anyone have an extra one oddly lying around that works excellently? I'll paypal you.. you tell me what you want. I've seen some around but are for quite a price. I mean, if it's gonna be around $100, I might as well pay an extra hundred and get a whole new one.

I also feel that if anyone has a 16:9 Lilliput of any model with the USB Touch screen module and the touch screen Overlay .. I'LL BUY IT FROM YOU!

I dont know how long I will be able to handle VNC-ing to the stereo in my car to listen to music!

EDIT.. I ordered a new Touchscreen overlay from mp3car, anyone that has a USB Controller for a 16:9 lilliput touch screen, I'll take it. Let me know, thanks.


ANY help, suggestions, and offers are greatly appreciated!
thank you