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Thread: Which screen is this?

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    Which screen is this?

    Hey guys, can you tell me which screen this is and which screens are the exact same size?
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    Looks like an 8" Lilliput.

    As far as "same size", do you mean the screen itself or the case it's in?
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I mean the tft screen and the plastic surround. are there other 8" models with the exact same dimensions?
    That model does look quite ugly. I'd like to get something more flashy fitted in my car.

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    hey i used to own one of these... i believe it's an 809GL-80NP/C/T (an 8 inch 4:3 monitor)

    check the link below for more pics and specs.,26/

    is that the one? i hope this helps mate

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