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Thread: Mazda 6 Steering Wheel Controls

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    Mazda 6 Steering Wheel Controls

    I want to go HU-less, and I want to keep my steering wheel controls. The buttons are VOL +, VOL -, Next track, Prev track, Mute, and Mode (changes from FM to AM to CD, etc).

    Here is the wiring diagram for my HU harness:

    The ones that are toward the middle, labeled "Steering" (green/white and red/black) are the wires that go to the steering wheel. I was thinking of cutting up an old USB gamepad, but I'm not sure if this would work since theres only 2 wires going to the HU.

    Short of getting a Fusion Brain, how can I accomplish this?
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    i know this is extremely late ,but check out RCJoyCon.

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