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Thread: So what do y'all use?

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    So what do y'all use?

    So let's get some input from the guys who've got working projects in their cars...

    What do you use to control your player while you're driving?
    Got any pics of your control interface?

    I had a numeric keypad mounted in place of my ash tray initially, but Winamp/Zhender's plugin had a bunch of problems with the Num Lock key and Del key, so I'm going to try some form of iR remote this time around.

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    irman mounted by the steering column and a credit card sized remote. works nicely for my mp3 only character setup!

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    i just use a irman with a mouse if i need it.. I usually don't. I also have a gamepad to play my NES emu
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    well my own IR receiver works wonders ..... does about everything

    you can find the pictures here (photo section)


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    Hey CrazyLittle, is your keypad programmable? can you set like one of the buttons to be "alt" and the other to be "tab", or perhaps one button the be "alt+tab" I was just thinking here. you know, when you hit alt-tab in windows it brings up a little window of every program running. and lifting up the tab, and leaving the alt down, and then hitting tab, you can select a program to be brought to the foreground, and be the active program.

    So... I was thinking, heres a question for you folks who do have programmable buttons... Can I make one button alt-tab-tab ? I mean, if I had one button that could let me toggle between the mp3 player and the gps that would be great.
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    you can probably use girder to set that up easily.

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    I made a remarkable discovery when I learned that the cheap as dirt creative remote recievers work with my onkyo remote controls. My reciever has multi functions for cd, dvd, and cassette deck.. so in my house I've been using it to control various applications, plus my reciever, all from one remote. I'm going to test it with my DVD remote tonight... If it works I'll probably just keep using the regular creative remote, then see if I can find a discarded onkyo remote, or buy a universal remote and try pluging away with different codes.
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    IRMan with a pioneer steering wheel remote.... I was using a home-brew IRMan with a PIC chip I got programmed by a mate (big into the PSX mod scene so he had a programmer and the chips are identical to PSX-One mod chips)...

    but sadly it doesnt work with my new EPIA 800 mobo, since the COM port doesnt put out quite enuff voltage to run the IR sensor.

    So now I use my purchased IRman, ripped apart and mounted with the sensor away from the circuitry.. identical to the one smashr2k is using... oneday I will locate a local supplier of the IR sensors identical to the ones the IRman uses and all should be fine with regards to the home-brew IRman
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    Just a keypad, using a very big and complex girder file which I made.. .to controll every program I'm using in the car ... GPS, Winamp, AutoPlay, MediaEngine, Games.... and lots more.. (Each program has its own "mode" for the keypad, and girder changes every key function on the keypad, depends on which program that that has the focus...

    Ill be happy to share the Girder file, since I've noticed ppl are having difficulties with Girder

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    Originally posted by magnetik
    but sadly it doesnt work with my new EPIA 800 mobo, since the COM port doesnt put out quite enuff voltage to run the IR sensor.
    Spud discovered that the serial port runs 5v rather than 12v on the EPIA 800 - and modified the irman to suit.

    Maybe that might help?

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