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Thread: Convince me on the Space Navigator

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    I took a piece of about 1/8" craft foam and cut it into a rectangle...a little shorter than the height of the knob and approximately the width of the circumference of the inside of the knob.

    I rolled it up and put it up inside the knob. You still get 100% movement in all just makes the whole knob a bit more "bobble-head effect". It makes the knob MUCH less touchy in the car.
    2003 Lexus SC430 - Black with Ecru. VaisTech & NavTool with Centrafuse integrated into factory nav screen (hands-free Bluetooth, Voice Command, mp3's, videos, HD Radio, Sirius Sat. radio, DVD, Internet, & digital gauges (via OBD-II)), & LuxLink module.

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    If you find it is too sensitive, sounds like you may not have employed the option to set the input threshold.

    Range on each axis is -350 to 350 (?), I have my maps set to below -200 one way and over 200 the other. Effectively this creates a wide dead zone.

    Liking the foam mod!

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