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Thread: Anyone using a Wiimote?

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    Re:Anyone using a Wiimote?


    Now i am not using wiimote, but i think to buy it. Can you which is the best wiimote for Accord?

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    Ahhh very good point. I would think this problem could be dealt with.

    You read my mind. Johnny Lee has done some awesome things with the Wii. I think the 2D finger tracking has great potential for carPC use because we would only need our hand and nothing else (no WiiMote).

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    Wii Remote Input Device

    Bringing this post back from the grave to see if there any new ideas out there.

    The Wii Remote can be used as a 3D input device if mounted in a car. It can detect and track 4 simultaneous points using reflective tape or an input device using an IR LED.

    Thinking of how this could be turned into a way to control your car PC ICE via motion detection using the WiiRemote.

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