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Thread: Getting FM Radio?

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    Question Getting FM Radio?


    I have almost completed my carPC system. Now i decided that i want to have radio support on my computer. I want to be able to change the radio channels from my computer and so on... But I haven't found any realiable information regarding FM radio's at Europe. So what hardware do I need? Cables, tuners etc...

    Help will be much appreciated!


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    I am also in your situation searching for FM radio..

    I know u can use HDZ300 which is HD radio with FM AM support and this cable
    HD Radio Cables READY!

    but it a little expensive 25$ cable + 120$ unit(for me.. )

    p.s. U can also make this cable yourself.

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    HDRadio is the way to go for sure...cost be damned!

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    Well that wont be too much to pay. I got HD television now (well the receiver is HD ready, but the channels dont send HD quality........)

    Quess ill go with those two, but i just want to make sure that with that tuner I can plug it in (USB or serial) and be able to control the tuning with computer?

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