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Thread: Nice new Wireless Keyboard (?)

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    Here is a small bluetooth I saw on ebay....

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    Quote Originally Posted by hongchu View Post
    anybody else having issues with wireless devices... when resuming from hibernation... it just sucks for me cuz i have to sync the device everytime i need to use it... my setup is all stealth and the usb hub is kind of hidden. Its a hassle to sync everytime i need the keyboard.
    The hub is likely the issue. Try plugging it into the computer directly, I bet it'll work everytime.
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    just saw this on engadget. don't think it is out yet, and i am not sure if it will work with pc's but if it does than it would be pretty sweet
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    this may be slightly OT but for the keyboard posted atop this post from brando, did you have to pay any duties or customs fees? I don't think I've ever ordered anything that didn't come from the U.S. or Canada.

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    i spoke to the guys from brando....and they did not even questioned my issue and sent me a new one... the new one works perfectly fine with no hibernation issues...

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