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Thread: Touchscreen woes

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    Touchscreen woes

    I've had my carputer for over 3 years now and have the touchscreen has been working just fine. Occasionally it would lose calibration and I'd have to rerun the program to get it going again. A few months ago that stopped fixing the problem. I download updated drivers and was able to get it to work after several different tries with different drivers.

    The problem here was that as soon as I shut the computer down it stopped working again. And the recalibration no longer worked. Nor did uninstalling as reinstalling the drivers. I thought maybe at that point I had too many drivers floating around in the system and it was getting confused. Today I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything. Same deal. Initially it works, reboot and it no longer works.

    Has anyone had a similar problem or are there any ideas on what I can do to fix it?

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    touchscreen controller is bad. Only option is replacement. It wont hold the calibration settings, so you will have to recalibrate it each time or replace it.
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