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Thread: In dash touchscreen broken

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    In dash touchscreen broken

    Hi guys I have got a in dash touchscreen monitor, unsure of the brand. The touchscreen was playing up recently and I used to have to push it in then out again and it would make the usb unplugged / plugged in sounds then start working again. The other day though I wouldnt get it to work at all. I have checked my extention leads which are fine, took screen to bits several times and everything seems fine. I re soldered the connections for the touchscreen controller but still not working. Picture is fine on the screen so was hoping to fix it. The controller has these numbers on it CY-4W-USB-03 I did a search and found this thread

    How I fixed my lilliput touchscreen problems

    I have been on Ebay lookin for a replacment touchscreen as new in dash monitors are even too exspensive or unavailable. This is the screen I found

    Will this screen be ok to replace mine? Also as the standard touchscreen goes into the main board will the new one just need the wires running to the back of the case? I dont think that the new one will be the same.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    so long as your screen works then this will be fine to replace it, use the parts in the kit instead of the ones on the board, use a hairdryer around the edge of the tocuhscreen to remove it.


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