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Thread: nulooq board

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    nulooq board

    So i got a nulooq for SUPER CHEAP but was a little unlucky when i was taking it apart to use only the touch wheel features, and broke the black locking mechanism off the main ribbon cable connector. Needless to say now i have a useless Nulooq does ANYONE know where i could get the controller board? I have the USB cable and the wheel part of it i just need the controller board its self and dont feel like spending aorund 60$ for an entire new unit. Any ideas?

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    Assuming you just broke the locking mechanism you can use tape or hot glue to hold the ribbon cable in place. I partially broke mine and hot glued the locking piece down. Works like a charm for over 6 months now.

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    sadly the mechanism went and somehow managed to bend a few of the pins, iv tried making it work but the connector is pretty ruined.

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