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Thread: Girder: Plugin loaded but hardware init failed.

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    Girder: Plugin loaded but hardware init failed.

    When i first start girder, i get that msg when i try to start the plugin for the universal ir-remote, then i exit girder and start the remote selector program that came with the creative remote I'm using, and exit, then it works... but if I exit girder again i get the same error and none of them works so I have to reboot..

    Anyone got the same problem with the Creative remote and girder? how did you solve it? I'd like to get this to work so that I can start playing around with girder and stop using remote selector..

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    I have the creative creditcard remote, and i used Remote Selector the first day i got it, then i havent used it since, and just use Girder. Im using the "UIR/IRman/CTInfra/Hollywood+ Plugin".

    Im using win2k. (not in the car yet)
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