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Thread: Need Alpine wired remote control pinout.

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    Hm… I was actually thinking of using something like this, in combination with Alpine's "Vehicle Display Interface",
    to create some way of accessing the track lists and radio presets of my Alpine HU from the trip computer,
    the same way it currently can access that from the Ford OEM HU.

    That might require a CAN shield and some more details of both Alpine's VDI, and some breakout testing with the Ford OEM HU.

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    Came across this thread via Google, and just had to register to drop a note of thanks to FordNoMore. His Alpine remote codes (back on page one of the thread) enabled me to get the steering wheel controls of my "new" '97 ZJ (Grand Cherokee) working with my stereo. Great stuff.

    Best regards, Kári.

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    Found this googling for alpine control info, have built this into an arduino interface to control an alpine HU and emulate a USB keyboard to control a PI, using a old sony remote stalk. Sketch here:

    Posting because Im hoping someone can help with the issue Im having, sorry for reviving an old thread. Does anyone know if the alpine fold-out screens use different control codes, or are more sensitive to voltages or timings?

    I've tested this with the other alpine headunits I have kicking around and it works perfectly, but when I try it with my alpine D310 screen, it doesnt work at all. Ive tested it with a CDA-9812, INA-333R, CDE-9881R and UTE-72BT and it works just fine, but with the IVA-D310, none of the controls do anything.

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