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Thread: Single Wired Remote Line to Steering Wheel Control Adapter?

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    Single Wired Remote Line to Steering Wheel Control Adapter?

    I have an adapter for my steering wheel controls that outputs to a 3.5mm phono jack, but my xenarc headunit has a single wired remote cable, not a 3.5 mm jack... so... what do i do?
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    Hello. TallgeeseIV
    Electrically single wire can not send signal(except radio frequency).
    At least two wire(DATA and GND) is needed for signaling.
    Because GND is common for all circuit, sometimes GND is omitted.

    In the case of car, the iron body of car is GND and usually black wire is GND.
    So the single wire of your headunit will be DATA,.
    You can get GND from your car body or one of the black wire of your headunit.

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    i am looking at the same deal in my car. i have 3.5mm plug for a pioneer radio. it works on resitance. for the signal after converted from canbus from the steering wheel. i am trying to find a female side so i can just plug it in and use one of the input USB devices like fusion brain

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