ok before i get in o this a few things have to be understood.

i wanted to use a "normal" motherboard on my car pc. and since there is " kinda-lot-o-room" in the dash and conceal, it didnt real matte what i used. (i made a custom center conceal simply cause i didnt like the one that was in my 91 Fbody. so that made a lot of room to house any thing i could want to put in there.)

ok so about the keyboard.... i wanted a few multi media hot keys because i'm rather lazy and dont like to reach up to the screen to change songs or volume up/donw play stop what have you.

so... the key board

i like the nob...

but as you can plainly, see it will not fit in between the seats. so...

at first i was going to hack the dell keyboard and set up some normally open push buttons(i had already maped out the matrix) but since the switches i was going to use are .88USD ea. that wasnt an option. ( i have time not money on my hands.)

so i found this "super mini keyboard" it was like 9"x4". (hey if any one knows where i can obtain a back lite keyboard that is this size i would be grateful if you would let me know) so now i just had to make a box or face plate so it looks like part of the car.

so after much planing i started on the box that would house the 2 keyboards and bolt in between the seats. my main concern was the multi media. there was jsut a lot there i really didnt want to cut out and hope like hell i got it right. i mean there was jsut no good way to take a good measurement on the buttons so i couldnt even cut it out on a cnc mill(hey i have a few tricks your fairy god mother cant do) so i over came this by cuting the face plait to the old keyboard in i nice 90degree quadrilateral. after cutting a matching hole in the new face plate i tacted it in place with super glue and then JB welder.

as you can guess it didnt fit just perfect, so i filled in the little cracks with jbweld then sanded it smooth(hey dry wall for geeks)

next i put cut out a hole to fit the other keyboard( the one that has key for typing... really its not that confusing... really) this waas a little harder just because it was bigger i.e. harder to keep the cuts strait. nothing a hand file and time wont fix.( did i mention i lost a girlfriend over this car?)

so now things are really coming together and i just have to fit the face plate to the box i made(and off to the side hope that i did all the math right so it fits. as i stated earlier there was just no good way to get a yard stick in there.)

so there it is put together... hey looks like i might know what i'm doing yet. now just have to drill the holes in the bottom that line up with the ones in the car. i would explan how i did that but its a trick with sharpy.

so there it is. all bolted up working and everything.