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Thread: Touchkit Driving me Crazy - Stops working after power-down

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    Touchkit Driving me Crazy - Stops working after power-down

    Here is the story:

    I have some sort of DWW-700 looking screen, except panel only (non-motorized). Not sure of the brand.. but not too relevant here. It was working fine (for the most part) for the past year and a half. Little while, it stopped working. I re-installed touchkit... starting working fine... until I powered down the computer and restarted. I've tried installing every one of the three current touchkit releases, and have the same issue (this is running under WinXP sp2). Install, works fine, restart (without removing power), works fine. Turn off the car, come back and power up... doesn't work at all (disabling/unplugging does nothing). Reinstall, works... repeat.

    I just spent all afternoon reinstalling Windows to see if that would fix it... exact same issue.

    Any ideas?
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    How is your screen powered? If it's powered from the ignition, it will lose power before the computer is shut down/hibernated, and windows may not "see" it when it comes back up. I know you said that it was working fine before, but maybe you changed some wiring?

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    Try a different USB port.

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