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Thread: OEM Radio Integration - Volume Control

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    OEM Radio Integration - Volume Control

    Hey guys, have been searching here and google for hours. I want to take the volume control knob from my stock radio and integrate its function over usb to control the master volume on my carpc.

    I checked out hacking a mouse, and other rotary encoders - was hoping to find a way to do it direct from the stock radio.

    The radio volume is a potentiometer but is infinite (i.e. can keep turning it continuously, there is no set stop).

    Checking it with a voltmeter it appears when you turn the dial it transiently raises the resitatance.

    Has anyone ever found a way to take this output, convert to usb and have control the volume??


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    If your volume knob is infinite then it's not a pot. It is an encoder. A pot can not be infinite.

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    True enough, it just looks like a pot Anyways...any ideas how to convert such a device to usb?

    Quote Originally Posted by MGD View Post
    If your volume knob is infinite then it's not a pot. It is an encoder. A pot can not be infinite.

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    Well if it puts out resistance, then it doesnt matter what it is. You can use a FB and a second resistor to make a voltage divider and read in the value.
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