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Thread: Griffin Powermate

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    Griffin Powermate

    For those of you having problems with the Griffin Powermate not responding from hibernation, I was having the same problem and tried the tutorial on the attached link and seem to resolve the issue.
    Try it if your powermate is acting up and please report.

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    good info...if my PM ever acts up, I'll give this a try

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    Thank you for this link! I have saved a copy to Word. I am just in the preinstall stages of configuring hardware & software. Initially, I have already had a problem with the PM turning the volume up but won't turn it back down. I will follow these instructions before my install just to alleviate one potential problem (hopefully!). Thanks again!
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    Wow, I didn't know this. I have had this for about 3 years in my car, and I just lived with the problem and decided to use a combination of DevCon ( and batch file scripting to get it working... and sometimes it wouldn't even come up afterward! this is after doing the manual plugging in, unplugging method so much the wire is starting to fray.

    Thanks for the solution!

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