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Thread: Painting A Touchpad?

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    I just realized can't assign a place on the touchpad to an icon.

    When you move a cursor around using touchpad and then you take your finger off, when you come back to the touchpad again, you can place your finger anywhere on the touchpad and it will pick-up the cursor where it left off. So placing a sticker on a touchpad and assigning icons to certain areas won't work. Does anybody agree here.....?

    However it's still would work well as small input device.
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    it comes down to the touchpad and the drivers. To do what you want to do, the touchpad/drivers would have to support it. I cant say I've come across a standalone touchpad that can do that, but I know touchpads on laptops can in some models.

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    Touch Pad Paint

    I was glad to find these posts about painting the touch pad. I did the test with paper and it still navigates well. So I will be looking for a color match and paint a small area at first to see if my touch pad still responds. Thank you!

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