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Thread: Looking for Ideas on 4 camera setup for the track...

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    Looking for Ideas on 4 camera setup for the track...

    Hell Everyone... I am interested in setting up a system that can record 3-4 cameras at once that I have mounted on my car when I am racing at the track. I was looking at sometyhing like this for the connection to the carpc , My question is software wise what would be my best bet to be able to record the video to my carpc's hdd. Also does anyone have any input on the best video quality you can get from a small bullet cam? Any recomendations on cameras to look at?

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    I race as well, honda challenge s2000.
    things to look at are pedals for your footwork, dash for speed and rpm, out the front windsheild, and out the rear keyhole in the trunk. A front bumper cam is cool too.
    good luck.

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