The other day i was rummaging through my boxes of piled "extras" and came across a 7" lcd monitor (non pc) from power acoustik that only has a composite video in, i found that apple has a dvi to composite adapter that would take care of the video but my question is, has any one ever put a touch kit on a monitor like that??

Iv measured the screen and the touch kits i found on ebay were slightly larger then my screen, will the touch panel still work correctly with the case edges against it? Also has any one ever used one of those 30 or so dollar touch kits or are they not worth spending the money on i just want some confirmation also that they will work with my non intel mac mini, id really like to use this monitor i already have it fits perfectly in my dash bezel and of course im trying to keep costs down as much as reasonably possible.

Any help is appreciated guys, sorry for the ramble.