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Thread: molding in a touchpad

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    molding in a touchpad

    Today I thought of an idea while looking at a keyboard with a touchpad. Then I searched here and found some of you guys have already done it... I want to maybe put a small touchpad off of like a keyboard or laptop in the small flat area right in front of the shifter. So I can either use the touchscreen on the lcd or the touchpad. However, all of the pics on these past threads are dead now:

    I'm sure its been done before...?


    Touchpad pictures.

    So does anybody have any pics of something like this installed, and what do you think about it's functionality? Basically, is it useful? It wouldn't be hard to get a keyboard with that and just tear off everything from the kb controller except for the touchpad? What would the computer think about it when it's hooked up?


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    I know Fellows carries a line of touchpads (made by Cirque) that are stand alone (which is what I use). And they work quite well, just like a touchpad in a laptop.

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