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Thread: Lilliput screen not working

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    Lilliput screen not working

    I am SO close to having my Mac Mini installed in my van. But I just can't seem to get the screen to work.

    I'm using a Carnetixp1900 and a LILLIPUT EBY701-NP/C/T. The Mac Mini seems to be working... When I turn the car on, I hear the "Va-wwoooom" (however you spell that sound) Mac startup sound, so the mini is getting the power it needs. But the screen is black.

    The odd thing is that the LEDs on the screen are lighting up. When I press the buttons on the remote I see a blue LED, but nothing happens.

    The screen works fine when I use the AC adapter inside, just not in my car.

    I used a multimeter to identify the positive/negative wires and I attached the positive wire to the brown wire in the carnetix p1900 as per the instructions.

    Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

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    I haven't had a chance to try this yet, but I think it may be the jumpers for my secondary output in my p1900 were set incorrect. I think they were set for the 5V instead of the 12V setting. Anyway, I'm going to try that tomorrow and see if it fixes it.

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