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Thread: Forget hacking chatpads.. The perfect input device has arrived!

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    Forget hacking chatpads.. The perfect input device has arrived!

    happened to be browsing around Fry's today and saw this, I instantly first thought, OMG HTPC remote, then realized, OMG CarPC FTW,en

    only problem is the cheapest I have seen it is $120.
    Also pics dont give a good impression of size, it fits nicely in your hand

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    I've had a DiNovo Mini for more than a year already.

    Pretty old news, I would guess.
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    120 on a keyboard....or 150 on a touchscreen...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrbean_phillip View Post
    I've had a DiNovo Mini for more than a year already.

    Pretty old news, I would guess.
    Mee too!

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    I have had a dinovo for a couple months now, its perfect for those times where I have to drop back to windows for something, where the touchscreen isn't of much use.

    Only problem with it is that it doesnt emulate F buttons, and to get into the bios on my motherboard, I have to hit F2

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    I was thinking this would be a nice addition to the system too.

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    i have tried tiny keyboards like that-- imo, they are too small to be really usefull. whenever i need a keyboard in my car, i usually need to use it for a while, so i keep this one in my back seat:

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    I use the keyboard from Brando, because the keys are bigger and its really bright. If i need a mouse, i'll use the touchscreen, no biggie.
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    I use this one from Motion Computing, only used.

    (just the keyboard, of course). It's very light, or not very solid, depending on how you look at it.

    It's usually $35 on ebay ($49 on the MC website), but I bought from this guy for $16.00 (he has more). Works great and as a bonus, it has a trackpad and two mouse buttons, so you don`t even need a mouse.

    I used to have the DiNovo in the car, but I ended up using it mostly in my garage doing maintenance (since I don't use NAV apps) I figure I might as well get one with Function keys (for bios access), so I got this as an extra.

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    they are great!! we used them in Wimax cars we did for intel and clearwire, and even though we put in 12" touchscreens sometimes trying to click on little buttons, like the start menu or to exit or minimize a program the little mouse is great.

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