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Thread: 9" 3M ClearTek II Capacitive overlay /w controller?

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    9" 3M ClearTek II Capacitive overlay /w controller?

    Anyone have access to one of these elusive 9" 3M ClearTek II Capacitive overlays with USB controller? Really would love to lay my hands on one.

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    did you contact 3m? their size is supposedly 8.9"....had mine through Ebay (lucky!) but I remember calling 3M and they have distributors located in each state that should provide you the device. The glass is pretty thick so there will be a lot of adjustment to get it to fit the frame...

    Is your LCD LED backlit or ccfl? the reason i am asking is because there are more and more LCD's of that size that are LED backlit, so if yours ain't one u should snatch one as well (many vendors on Ebay are selling these for about $40 (without the controller, so if you can use your current controller with one of those screens that would be best) and you would enjoy the best of both worlds: Capacitive TS with LED backlit, no more worries about scratches and shortening the lifespan of the backlights (ccfl!!!) in the winter

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