I have a new Lilliput 629GL/DVI touch screen that I'm connecting to a FitPC2 running Windows XP. I installed the touch drivers and it works fine. But, after a reboot, the touch screen is not working. The touchscreen config tool indicates that there is no touch controller. If I uninstall/re-install, then it is working again. But again, after a reboot, it is gone.

The touch controller does not show up in the touch kit program after a reboot unless I go through the whole uninstall/reinstall process each time. If I unplug/plug the USB cable then it also does not show up. If I hover on the icon in tray then it also says "0 touch devices" (or something like that). ... BUT ... If I go to

My Computer->Properties->Hardware->Device Manager

then under "Mice and other pointing devices" I see an HID device there, and it appears/disappears as I plug/unplug the USB cable to the touch screen. So, that seems to say that at some level it sees something.

Wait, it gets better.

In an attempt to eliminate my computer (either hardware or OS) as the problem, I borrowed a friend's FitPC2, also running WinXP. Installed the drivers, touchscreen works, fine. Then reboot, still fine. Several reboots (warm and cold), etc. and it is still working. OK, so it must be my computer. I reconnect my computer and now my computer works every time, even after reboots (about 10 so far).

Now I can't get it to fail, but I didn't DO anything to fix it. I'm worried that it's going to fail after I get everything bolted into the car and less accessible.

Any ideas what could cause this, what could have happened?